Heeeeey! It’s me, Jennifer.

Just a girl (middle aged woman) with a dream and a sweet husband supporting her need to discover, buy and style unique and handmade goods for the home. Man, do I just love good design and the hands that make them. And show me a shop that dedicates itself to the discovery and beauty of original design, and I’ll eat that shiz uuuup! So much so, that I decided to open one myself. What a journey! A move from the PNW to SoCal with my honey and two kids got the momentum going for curating a new and exciting life and business. I won’t bore you with the details (unless you come in and ask, then you won’t be able to shut me many doors just opened up, it’s miraculous!), but we are now open and thriving in the ever-growing and adorable Vail Headquarters, Temecula.

Beacon Home is a place you can come and feel welcome, encouraged, and inspired. Pick up something you can’t find at your local Target, or see at three of your neighbors houses. Also, when you buy a pillow, cutting board, original art, print, or hand thrown pottery for your home, you are getting much more than just an object. You are validating the artist’s sleepless nights, research and development, crazy ideas and dreams. Really, you are buying with purpose and I know how you all dig purpose! I would love to meet you (and you and you and you and yoooouuu...) and tell you about the amazing artists and makers celebrated in this brick and mortar oasis.

Come on in. I’ll be waiting!

Xo J